The Synthesis WayTM*

The Synthesis Way is a blend of two approaches to increasing the effectiveness of how people work together:  

We all want our teams to be inspired and productive.  

From a linguistic perspective, being inspired is a mood based on an assessment of your future, where you will receive something you value.  You and your teammates are more likely to see new possibilities and make offers in this mood.  When unexpected events happen, you are more likely to innovate a solution as opposed to blame.

From a somatic perspective, a mood is a set of sensations.  Your ability to be aware of your sensations is a fundamental practice in somatics.  If you pause for a minute, relax, take a few deep breaths, and remember a time when you were inspired, you will probably sense the energy in your body rising up and outwards.  Now compare that with a time when you were resigned, and what do you sense?  Being unaware of how your body senses causes you to be disempowered by life's unexpected events.  Developing somatic practices enables you to spend more of your time being settled.  When life throws you off-center, you can come back quickly.  

Programs consist of Explorations that introduce distinctions and practices with requests to use them to develop the competence that will allow the team to resolve the business challenge.  Participants are in Learning Teams. They post their insights and recommendations and attend a Learning Review to report their progress.  Click here to watch an eight-minute video of a participant reporting the benefit of blending aspects of linguistics and somatics.   

My combination of these two approaches creates a context to view work as a place of possibilities to design new practices to increase productivity, value, and satisfaction.  Watch a two-minute video below of Richard Strozzi-Heckler speaking about how I connected these two ontologies. If you would like more information about these approaches, I recommend that you follow these two links to my teacher's current offerings.

Dr. Fernando Flores - Pluralistic Networks.

Dr. Richard Strozzi-Heckler - Strozzi Institute

*The Synthesis Way TM  is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office #7163504.