Business Cases

  1. Challenge: Significant IT service level failures cause business problems for a life insurance company because of a dysfunctional relationship with an outsourced IT provider. Cape Town, South Africa. Results: Business Success Metric - After six months they achieved 100% of SLAs. Personal Success Metrics - an 18.5% increase in participant satisfaction, 27% increase in productivity. After ten months the two companies signed a seven-year extension to their agreement for Rand 2.58bn (US$201M), the largest in that industry in South Africa. Watch this 15-minute video for a report from the participants and the executive sponsors.

  2. Challenge: A senior executive complains about an excessively long lead time to produce a new analytical model for an International Credit Bureau, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Results: Business Success Metrics: A satisfied executive: reduced the lead time by 35% from 400 project days to 259, enabling significant revenue preservation and cost-saving. Personal Success Metrics: A 67% increase in job satisfaction, 21% increase in productivity, and 68% in professional growth.

  3. Challenge: Dissatisfaction between an International Publisher and their outsourced Content Provider, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA. Results: After seventeen weeks, Business Succes Metrics: The Customer Team increased their productivity by 18%. The Provider Delivery Team increased their productivity by 29%. Personal Success Metrics: The Customer Team increased their satisfaction by 29%. The Provider Delivery Team increased their satisfaction by 39%. Partnership Trust Levels: The trust of the provider went up 8%, the trust of the customer went up 11%. Both the Chief Content Officer and the VP of Operations of content provider were very satisfied.

  4. Challenge: Ineffective coordination with members of Westchester County, NY Center for Aging in Place with other community groups and their volunteers. Results: After ten weeks participants reported a 15% increase in productivity and a 43% increase in their level of satisfaction with their team's productivity, leaving them very satisfied. Watch this 11-minute video to see the innovative way we enabled the participants to learn about community-building by using a virtual world. The participant's average age was 70, and one of them had never used a computer before. Credit for the idea of using a virtual world goes to Dr. Fernando Flores.