Innovative Delivery

During my training and development career, I have had the opportunity to participate and invent new ways of developing team-building skills. Here are just a few examples.

1988 - I was part of a coaching team that used The Coordinator software to enable participants to manage their learning assignments.

1998 - I designed and taught a series of somatic exercises to match eleven speech acts to enable people to increase their ability to manage their commitments.

2007 - Dr. Fernando Flores invited me to work together to explore the viability of using a multiplayer online game to develop teams. In September, I organized a successful three-day pilot program lead by Dr. Flores. This became one of the programs presented by Pluralistic Networks, Working Effectively in Small Teams.

2017 - Somatic Dojo. Before the days that working remotely was a common practice, together with two colleagues, we designed and successfully delivered a program in raising awareness to prove we could teach somatics virtually using Zoom. I had this vision that it would be like Busby Berkeley meets Celebrity Squares.